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What kind of Equity Memberships are available?

There are a total of 350 Golf Memberships and a limited number of social memberships. All members must own property in the club.

What are the privileges of being a Golf Member?

Golf Members have access to all Mountaintop facilities and do not pay green’s fees except for their guests.

What are the privileges of being a Social Member?

Social Members may use all facilities except the golf course and golf practice facilities unless accompanied by a Golf Member.

What guest privileges will my extended family enjoy?

Extended family may play golf or use any club facilities unaccompanied. They may also invite guests to join them subject to the Club’s posted Primary Playing Times Policy. Normal guest fees and restrictions apply for all facilities.

Will my guests be allowed to use Club facilities?

Yes, when accompanied by a member. Guest may only use the golf facilities a total of four (4) times each year, regardless of who sponsors them. The Club reserves the right to make exceptions to this rule from time to time. The current guest fee for a round of 18 holes of golf is $200 plus applicable taxes.

How is the Club managed?

Mountaintop Golf & Lake Club is member-owned and operated. Equity Members elect a Board of Directors that manages the finances of the club and all operations.

What fees are required with new construction?

  • Design Review – $4500
  • Non-Refundable Builder’s Fee – $5000
  • Refundable Builder’s Bond – $5000
  • Refundable Tree Deposit – $15,000

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